Car Seat Cover for A-Star/Avventura/Beat (Split)/Bolt/Brio/Fabia/Figo/Getz/I-10/I-10 Grand/Ignis/Indica/Liva/Micra/Pulse/Punto/Polo/Ritz/Spark(Split)/Swift/Tiago/Uva/Vista

13,870.00 13,800.00

Crafted from the finest quality PVC Vinyl with PU top coat,it is the nearest alternative to pure leather with a host of additional advantage for car seat cover application.The exclusive high quality fabric ensures much longer life,exceptionally superior comfort,apart from giving anti-fungal,anti-bacterial and chemical odour free properties.These seats are perfectly complimented by other quality raw materials like foam,inner lining,strong nylon thread stitching and adhesive lamination.

Available in one of the largest range of colours and designs,the signature collection is stylized to perfectly fit the contours of every car seat,adding a wow factor to your car that is beyond your imagination.

The signature collection is available in Duro Leatherite(DL)/perforated duro leatherite(PFD)LPU/PVC options.

The designs shown above are make available with you as against your order within a time period of 10 days due to it’s streamlined most modern state of the art manufacturing facility,that includes the advanced Japanese and German computerized precision cutting & stitching machines,CAD desining and quality control equipments.

The price for designs shown above are depend up on it’s material used as mentioned above chart.




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